Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine


City of Odessa
April 23, 2001

   April 23, 2001 marks the passing of TEN YEARS OF WORK of our principal conductor and music director HOBART EARLE – the first American citizen to work in Ukraine in such a position; the first foreign citizen to be awarded the honorary title of “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine” and to receive, on more than one occasion, the honorary award of “Odessite of the Year”. For his considerable contribution to the development of the musical culture of our city and of Ukraine, Hobart Earle became the first person in the sphere of culture to receive the international “Friend of Ukraine” award (awarded annually by “The Washington Group”, an association of Ukrainian-American professionals.)


  • the orchestra was promoted to “federal” status;
  • the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra undertook successful concert tours to the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland (a number of countries were visited more than once):
  • the orchestra undertook successful lours to Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as to many cities of Ukraine
  • the orchestra has released numerous CDs that have received very favorable review and critical acclaim;
  • our orchestra has developed into a highly professional body, representing the musical arts of Ukraine internationally to critical acclaim by the press of the world
  • for the first time in our city, a charitable fund ” Muzyka” has been established for the benefit of the musicians of the orchestra;
  • a material-technical base has been established for the orchestra – for the procurement and repair of instruments.

I extend my congratulations to HOBART EARLE, music director and principal conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, on the occasion of his TEN YEARS OF WORK with the orchestra, and wish the continued flowering of his multifaceted talents for the benefit of our orchestra, our city and Ukraine.


to award Hobart Earle, the chief conductor and artistic director of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra (in accordance with the tradition for anniversaries) a monetary premium commensurate to one month’s pay.

Acting Executive Director
S. I. Barker