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Letter No. 03-34/791
May 30th, 2001

Music Director and Principal Conductor
Distinguished Artist of Ukraine
Hobart Earle

        Dear Maestro!

        As they say in Odessa, we got very lucky with Hobart Earle. Fortunately, you also got lucky with us, listeners and admirers of your sparkling and multifaceted musical talent.
Ten years have now passed since you first conducted the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra. A lot has been said by musical critics about your successes, skill, and industriousness. You have created a world-class philharmonic orchestra in Odessa. Thanks to your undwindling energy, it performs in the most prestigious concert halls in the world, popularizing the music of Ukrainian composers. The bright and captivating performance of the orchestra under your direction pleases the ear and mesmerizes listeners by its harmony, power and elegance.
There’s always Brownian motion around you. To help you realize your ideas, you manage, in all thinkable and unthinkable ways, to attract a multitude of people by making them believe in their own strengths and capabilities.
I wish you, a remarkable and talented musician, good health, happiness, prosperity, and further creative successes for the glory of our native city and Ukraine.

Ruslan Bodelan